QUIRKY photography giving a different perspective on everyday things has joined Burnham Princess Arts Lounge’s public exhibition until January 4.

Davina Tromans (pictured), an RSCPA volunteer in Burnham and a former bookseller, started experimenting with art after moving from the Midlands.

She said she was gobsmacked when the Arts Lounge invited her to showcase her work in the space.

“It’s absolutely wonderful. I never would have dreamed that in a million years, especially given that I’ve not been doing it that long, I would be doing an exhibition. I’m really overwhelmed by it actually.”

As for her subject matter, Davina’s interests roam from buildings and architecture, to the “random and unusual” ... cups of coffee, teapots ...

Steering clear of manipulating images, the 52-year-old likes to find an alternate way to look at the everyday.

To view Davina’s results, drop into Burnham Princess’ Arts Lounge between 10am and 3pm, Tuesday to Saturday.