HE wowed William and Harry, stunned the Sultan of Brunei, and left Barry White baffled by his magical mastery.

Paul Daniels, the man dubbed the most successful magician of the 21st century and a self-professed “international sex symbol”, brings a whole new bag of tricks, plus his assistant and wife, Debbie McGee, to Burnham on Friday, February 7.

The duo stop off at the Princess Theatre and Arts Centre as part of Daniels’ ‘First Farewell’ tour – although, he is keen to emphasise – this isn’t really goodbye.

Paul told the Weekly News: “They wanted a title for the show . . . no, a farewell isn’t planned, but you never know, do you.

“This is a completely different show. If you’re in show business, you get known for certain songs, certain routines. I get requests from all over the world to do the trick with the cup and the ball, for example.”

Thus came the current tour, to shake things up.

Debbie said: “Some of the tricks he thinks of in the middle of the night. He’ll wake me up at 3am, saying, ‘Do you think this would work?’ The new tricks are more or less instant, but there’ll be the odd one where he’ll come up with an idea, then change it about five times as he thinks of ways to make it better.”

So, not a grand goodbye for Paul and Debbie. But what else does 2014 hold?

Paul says: “The funny thing is, both of us are people who live in the moment.

“I never know where I’m going to be or what I’m going to do.

“I never like planning ahead.”

If Daniels gets his way, next year’s will be the ‘Paul Daniels’ Hovercraft tour’… Tickets cost £17.50 or £16.50 on 01278-784464 or www.princess theatreandartscentre.co.uk