SKA fans have great reason to be excited this Saturday – Brit-band Bad Manners are landing in Bridgwater for a live show at the Blake Hall.

WHO ARE THEY? Are you kidding? They’re one of the cornerstones of UK ska and Two-Tone music. Contemporaries include Madness, The Specials, The Beat and The Selecter.

SO WHEN DID THEY START? 1976. The original band met as Woodberry Down Comprehensive School pupils in North London.

WHO'S WHO? The band’s had many different members over the years – up to 11. But if there’s anyone you’ll know by looks alone, it’s Buster Bloodvessel, the larger-than-life frontman.

WHAT ARE THEY LIKE LIVE? Apparently at their height people who couldn’t even play an instrument “would leave their jobs” to join the band and their “raw and crazy lifestyle”.

ANY 'FUN' FACTS? The band had a regular slot on kids’ programme Tiswas, fronted by Chris Tarrant, Sally James and Lenny Henry in the ‘80s.

Buster also stood as the SKA candidate for Mayor of London in 2000 on a non-political ticket. He ended up withdrawing from the race, advising his supporters to vote for Ken Livingstone instead.

ANY SONGS TO LISTEN OUT FOR? ‘Lip Up Fatty’, ‘My Girl Lollypop’, ‘Can Can’ and ‘Special Brew’ are among BM’s big hits.

WHAT THE BAND SAY ABOUT THEMSELVES: “Bad Manners are truly a touring band of the highest calibre; touring the old fashioned way, on a stinking bus…”

ADVANCE tickets to see Bad Manners at Blake Hall Bridgwater on Saturday cost £18 from the venue, Strings ’n’ Things music shop, and