AN ECLECTIC bunch of creatives from Burnham’s Princess Theatre Company showcase some new plays in a festival next week.

The PTC’s 15 members are celebrating the company’s first birthday by putting four original plays up for public consumption on Friday and Saturday, April 4 and 5.

At 7pm on Friday, they’ll lay on ‘Kiss Me Donkey’, a full-length fantasy-history play with adult themes, Greek mythology and people turning into donkeys, by Max Taylor.

On Saturday from 7pm are three one-act plays: ‘Happily Ever After’ by Rebecca Strickland, ‘Dead Liberty’ by Kim Cook and ‘Paradise View’ by Jo Backhouse.

Festival producer Kim said: “Having started up in February last year we decided it would be nice to actually perform what we’ve written.

“It’s a little bit nerve-wracking because I’m hoping the Burnham audience will enjoy what we’ve got to offer, as contemporary theatre isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

“What I would say is buy a ticket and give it a go – we might surprise you.”

Playwright Jo Backhouse said her piece was “a very, very dark comedy.”

She said: “It’s about teenage mums living in a caravan park – a mixture of Jeremy Kyle and A Christmas Carol.”

Happily Ever After, meanwhile, explores a “fatal attraction” and Dead Liberty is a tale of murder.

And as for the opportunity promoted by the Princess’ Drama Festival Jo said: “The great thing is that we are four Somerset writers taking on the huge risk of presenting our own plays.

“Fortunately the Princess has been fantastic – they’re so open. I love Burnham.”

Tickets cost £6 (£4 concessions and Friends of the Princess) on or 01278-784464.