A HIGH-OCTANE martial arts camp kicks off in Berrow this weekend under the watchful eye of top-ranking black belters.

Some 60 junior and adult martial artists are expected at the event, moving out of their comfort zone to try a range of martial arts including kung fu, ju-jitsu, iaido, judo, aikido, karate, kick boxing and kendo.

Dubbed the Sensei Bob Bridges Memorial camp, after late founder Bob and Diane Bridges, it will be the 27th of its kind.

Bob and Diane’s daughter, Lisa Weeks, herself a former South-West champion, who started her martial arts career aged eight, said: “I’m passionate because it is very strict and disciplined, which can be lacking in modern society.

“You have to be well-behaved and respectful – that’s the whole way of martial arts.”

As to the weekend? “The whole concept of it is, if you normally do judo for example, you can pay your training fee then have a go at anything.”

Places are limited but those interested in taking part at Sandy Glade Holiday Park can email john@sejjk.com Training costs £20 for juniors or £25 for seniors.