A SAVAGE attack in which two dogs killed a deer has sparked an urgent plea to owners by wildlife charity Secret World.

The team from the East Huntspill charity was called to the scene, near Cheddar, after two Jack Russells caused fatal injuries to the female roe deer.

Charity founder Pauline Kidner said: “The cries from the injured animal were so blood curdling and loud that help soon arrived.

“But sadly the injuries to the deer were so severe that despite our best efforts we were unable to save her.”

Pauline said it was the second attack by dogs on wildlife in the last few days.

She added: “When walking out in the countryside, please be aware of wildlife in the area.”

The centre was already receiving a growing number of Tawny Owls and Buzzards who were suffering from cold and starvation while struggling to find food in rain-sodden fields.

To find out more about joining Secret World’s adoption programme call 01278-783250 or visit www.secretworld.org