“NOTHING is set in stone”, says Highbridge and Burnham Carnival Committee following a heated debate over its proposed date change.

Committee members met with more than 60 representatives from Bridgwater clubs at Bar 27 last week to discuss plans for Burnham’s procession to be held the night before Bridgwater’s parade – making it first in the circuit.

The meeting saw a fresh round of threats from some Bridgwater clubs to boycott Burnham’s parade this year if the date change goes ahead.

But Jan Paul, secretary of Highbridge and Burnham Carnival Committee, told the Weekly News: “We’ve got permission for the date change, but nothing is set in stone.

“The only thing that was agreed was that we could have that date.”

A committee meeting will be held this week to discuss feedback from Bridgwater Clubs, and another meeting is planned for next week with other clubs in the circuit.

Jan added: “We need to decide on a date for definite, so we can meet with the emergency services and police and make sure it’s ok with them.

“We feel like we’ve been backed into a corner. The Monday is atrocious for us. If we keep it, we won’t be able to afford to keep carnival going - we’re losing money every year.

“Carnival is a bit like marmite – they either love it or they hate it. The committee do it because we love it. We don’t get paid, we don’t get expenses and it costs more to put carnival on each year.”

Jan said another possible date discussed was Remembrance Sunday, but there was little support for that option.

The committee hopes to establish a solution by the end of this month.