HIGHBRIDGE and Burnham Carnival organisers have bowed to pressure and backed out of plans to hold their procession before Bridgwater Carnival – for this year at least.

The Burnham committee had caused a storm by proposing to run their event on a Friday, the day before Bridgwater, which has traditionally kicked off the Somerset County Guy Fawkes Carnival circuit.

But following a meeting this week, Highbridge and Burnham Carnival organisers have instead decided to keep their event on a Monday in 2013, although it will be held a week earlier than normal, on November 4, making it the second on the circuit after Bridgwater.

In a statement, the Highbridge and Burnham Carnival Association said: “At the monthly meeting of the association held on January 9, attended by a full committee, the date of our 2013 Carnival was discussed at length.

“All aspects of discussions between our committee, the Bridgwater clubs and other interested parties were taken on board.

“At the end of the discussion a vote was taken and because of the time constraints the committee opted for the Monday (November 4) following Bridgwater for 2013. “However, the committee will be conducting a full feasibility study throughout this year and work towards the development of a detailed consultation proposal for a move to the first Friday in 2014.

“The committee hopes that all parties will support this decision and help us to achieve a successful carnival this year.”