SEDGEMOOR District Council says it will prosecute whoever fly-tipped material - including bricks and pieces of wood with nails sticking out - on Berrow beach, if it can find the culprit.

The material is believed to have been dumped on Thursday afternoon and the incident was reported late on Friday afternoon.

When the Weekly News visited the beach today, we found a long stretch of freshly dumped material (see picture) and alerted the council.

The council said its Clean Surroundings teams and beach safety staff, having already been sent out following Friday's report, had returned to the beach today to clear any remaining debris when they discovered the newly dumped material.

A council spokesman said: "The latest material appears to be mainly mud and sand, which is still illegal to dump on the beach but does not necessarily pose a health hazard.

"However, the material dumped on Thursday, including plinths of wood and bricks, is not only illegal, but also poses a risk to people's safety.

"We are taking steps to try to contact the person responsible."