FREE microchipping for dogs is being offered in Burnham next week.

Sedgemoor District Council’s dog wardens will be chipping in Apex Park on Friday (January 24) between 9am and noon.

A spokesman for SDC said: “Microchipping is recognised as the most effective and secure way of permanently identifying a dog.

“Many are lost or stolen and it can be very distressing for owners. Of the many thousands of dogs that go missing each year, it is estimated that less than half are reunited with their owners.

“If Sedgemoor’s dog wardens find a lost dog that has a microchip, they can contact the national database to find the owner’s details. The owner is then contacted and reunited with their dog.”

Usual fees are between £20 and £30.

For details call 01278-435210.

From April 2016 all dogs will be required to have a microchip by law.