STAFF, parents and little ones at East Huntspill Pre-School are all celebrating after receiving a gleaming Ofsted report.

Ofsted inspectors visited the pre-school in December and have rated it ‘good’ in a recent report.

Inspectors said the children are able to “develop good independence, self-esteem and self-confidence as they are continuously praised and encouraged”.

The report added: “They form secure emotional attachments because of the sensitive and skilful support they receive from the staff.”

Rachael Nicholls, chairman of the school’s Learning Alliance committee, said she was delighted staff’s efforts had been recognised.

She said: “Staff have a very positive attitude and they work really hard all the time. I’m glad this has been noted by Ofsted.

“The children love it here and they often say they don’t want to leave at the end of the day.

“We’ve also had even more parents sign up this month and we’re nearly full.”

The inspectors said staff work very well as a team and have a good understanding of the Early Years Foundation Stage requirements, enabling them to deliver a stimulating learning environment.

Staff were also praised for keeping parents well-informed about all aspects of their child’s care and learning.

The report added: “Children enjoy their time in a well-organised and attractive pre-school, where they are able to independently access an interesting range of learning opportunities.”

East Huntspill Pre-School is run by a parents’ committee and operates from a building which is on the site of East Huntspill Primary School.