EVERYONE should soon know their local police officer, according to the new neighbourhood inspector for Sedgemoor, Andy Pritchard.

Insp Pritchard started his new role on January 2 and envisages a future where people in Bridgwater will know the name of the officer on beat.

He said: “My vision is that everybody knows who their local police are.”

Living in Somerset, Insp Pritchard has been with the police for over 20 years.

He used to be the neighbourhood inspector in South Somerset before working in international policing for three years.

Now, though, he plans to stay in Sedgemoor for the long term.

Insp Pritchard said: “I’m very excited to be here. I recognise that continuity is really important to the community.

“Chopping and changing personnel every five minutes doesn’t help me to make sure everybody knows who their local police officer is.”