CHILDREN at a school in Berrow have been learning all about the Antarctic thanks to a teacher’s first-hand experience.

Emma Graham-Brown, who teaches at Berrow Primary School, took six weeks off to visit the Antarctic Peninsula.

Ms Graham-Brown made the trip over the Christmas period. She said: “My husband Andrew is a cameraman and was going to film the penguins for the BBC. I decided we would go together, with our daughters Amy and Daisy.

“It took a week to sail there and a week to get back so we were there about a month.”

She said: “We sailed down there from Argentina on a tiny 54-foot yacht to a place called the Penguin Post Office.”

“We went there in the middle of the summer so it wasn’t too cold. It was only about minus five degrees but there was a strong wind chill and 24 hours daylight.”

Now that she’s back in Berrow, Ms Graham-Brown is teaching the children all about the Antarctic conditions in science, geography and history classes.

She also took some some gear from her expedition to show the children, including her warm clothes.

Ms Graham-Brown said: “Lots of the children want to know what people eat there and whether they ate the penguins.

“They’re interested in animals like the leopard seal and the orca - anything that eats other animals really.”