SEDGEMOOR District Council’s rest centre in Westfield Church, West Street, Bridgwater has helped 21 households so far from stricken villages on the Somerset Levels.

Donations of food, drink and other supplies have been pouring in; so much so, that the volunteer organisations and SDC staff  are overwhelmed with ‘stuff’.  Their message is – thank you so, so  much, we really don’t need any more at present and we do not want anything to go to waste.   Obviously, as the emergency is likely to continue for the immediate future, stocks will need to be replenished.

Sedgemoor Direct (0845 408 2540) are logging offers of help and taking contact numbers, so when supplies are needed, your kind donations will be accepted then.

Sedgemoor Direct (0845 408 2540) is open for flood-related calls on 0845 408 2540 until 6pm this evening Sunday).