IT’S the end of an era for Burnham Disabled Swimming Club, which has disbanded after 25 years.

At the club’s final get-together at Burnham Community Centre last Tuesday, everyone said their final farewells.

Mark Crump, from the club, said: “Over the years there have not been enough disabled people coming forward to join.”

The club, which catered for people with multiple sclerosis, stroke victims and amputees, could no longer afford to keep booking the Burnham Swim and Sports Academy pool in Berrow Road.

Mr Crump, a retired psychiatric nurse, said: “We have to pay for the pool and all the members have to contribute. As more people moved away or died, it cost more for each person.

“You can only charge disabled people so much. When it got to the point where we couldn’t raise the funds any more we made the decision to close it.”

The club has tried to get more members but their efforts proved unsuccessful.

Mr Crump added: “It’s gone beyond the point of saving. We have advertised locally with no luck so the decision to close it is final.”

It’s not all doom and gloom for the members though, with many of them still planning to meet up to swim after the club closes.

Mr Crump said: “We have all become friends over a period of time at the club so people will meet up, but not as a club any more.”