ASDA says visitors to its public consultation on refurbishing its Highbridge store have given the plans “an overwhelming thumbs-up”.

The firm wants to create a mezzanine floor with a café inside the store in Caxton Drive, as well as devoting more space to its clothing department and refurbishing the whole supermarket.

A public consultation on the plans, which would not affect the size of the store, was held on Tuesday, February 11 and Saturday, February 15.

Asda’s estates town planning manager Alan Jones, said hundreds of shoppers viewed the proposals, and dozens made comments.

He added: “There was a lot of interest, and the feedback shows 100% support for what we hope to do from those who completed the comment forms. We’re grateful that so many people took the time to talk to the project team.

“A lot of people mentioned the need for a café. Others wanted a wider range of goods to save them driving to Bridgwater.

“We’re taking all those comments on board as we complete our planning application.”

The feedback from those who completed the comment forms showed the most popular change would be a wider range of products (89%), closely followed by a cafeteria (82%) and more George clothing (80%).

The planning application is due to be submitted to Sedgemoor District Council in the next few weeks.

Work is expected to begin on a petrol station at the store this spring and is scheduled to open in June.