A PAIR of badgers was saved from the floods by the people at Secret World Wildlife Rescue.

The two badgers, dubbed Storm and Noah after their ordeal, were trapped on a small slip of land surrounded by floodwater on the Somerset Levels.

Operations manager Simon Kidner and volunteer Steve Perks from Secret World got went out on a boat to rescue the stranded animals.

Pauline Kidner, founder of Secret World, said: “They have been without food for so long and were sodden and cold. Thankfully Simon and Steve were prepared to attempt a rescue despite the conditions. “ Storm and Noah were returned to the Secret World shelter in Highbridge where they are resting under a heat lamp with plenty of food available for them.

Ms Kidner said: “We also don't know what effects there will be with such a large area flooded where small mammals and hibernating insects will have drowned.

“With little foraging available to so many species, there will be huge reductions of wildlife surviving into the rest of the year. At least Storm and Noah are warm, safe and dry.”