A WIDOW whose husband was killed by a speeding motorist has welcomed the news that some speed cameras will be switched back on.

Somerset County Council has agreed to transfer ownership of the speed cameras to Avon & Somerset Police for £1 each, after they were switched off in 2011 to save money.

One of the cameras due to be switched on is on the A38 at Rooksbridge, where Pat Ireland's husband Gordon was killed in 2008. He was hit by a car while crossing the road.

Pat, who runs the Lights for Life charity which raises money for safety improvements on the A38, says she hopes the camera will be running by April.

She told the Weekly News: “The Rooksbridge camera is digital and it is on the list of those being considered to be switched on.

“It's absolutely fantastic news and I couldn't be happier.

“A newspaper article a few years back revealed the camera was the second highest earner in the country, catching an average of 20 people per day.

“When people speed they now receive a £100 fine instead of £60 so I think that, coupled with the camera working, will help people think twice about their speed.”

Last June, Chief Constable Nick Gargan called for cameras to be turned back on and discussed with the council whether fixed safety cameras could be reintroduced.

He and the council have now agreed the police will take responsibility and ownership of the cameras and operate them on the highway network "on the proviso that no costs whatsoever are incurred by the county council."

Cabinet member for highways Cllr Harvey Siggs said: “We will continue to work closely with the police to improve highway safety and reduce traffic speeds at known road casualty sites.”