GRAVITY and 12 Years A Slave may have stolen the show at the 86th Academy Awards last night, but what about Somerset's film heritage?

Here we take a look at some classic movies disgracefully overlooked for Oscars glory over the years.

Cheddar Reservoir Dogs
Mr Blonde, Mr Blue, Mr White, Mr Orange, Mr Brown and Mr Pink try their hand at angling in this charming Quentin Tarantino flick (see movie poster below).


Burnham and Highbridge Weekly News:

(Quentin Tarantino's 1992 hit, Cheddar Reservoir Dogs)


Watchety Chitty Bang Bang

Dick van Dyke falls foul of Civil Enforcement Officers when he parks his flying car in a disabled bay in the marina.

Porlock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

Guy Ritchie’s comedy crime thriller is packed full of guns, violence and stunning scenery....Vinnie Jones steals every scene as a no-nonsense harbourmaster.

Dunsters vs Aliens
A delightful animated adventure, in which a group of aliens from outer space become so obsessed with scones and jam that they clone the cream tea capital of the universe, Dunster.

Frome Here to Eternity
Jenson Button drives Burt Lancaster, Montgomery Clift and Frank Sinatra from Somerset to Hawaii in this star-studded Second World War drama.

Burnham and Highbridge Weekly News:

(Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr in Frome Here to Eternity)


Obridge, Where Art Thou?
A trio of convicts, escaped from a chain gang, struggle to track down a busy Taunton thoroughfare in this Coen Brothers comedy.

Muchelney About Nothing
Benedick and Beatrice battle their emotions and rising floodwater in Kenneth Branagh’s adaptation of William Shakespeare’s comedy.

Hopefully you've enjoyed our suggestions. Feel free to add your own using the comment form below. 

And, for the record, if you haven't worked out the films we've drawn our inspiration from, they are: 

Resevoir Dogs, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Monsters vs Aliens, From Here to Eternity, O Brother, Where Art Thou? and Much Ado About Nothing.