A BURNHAM father has decided to use the time off work he has while receiving chemotherapy treatment for cancer to decorate the Burnham area.

Paul Plume, 47, has built 32 six-foot tall replicas of the iconic Burnham lighthouse which are to be scattered around the area.

The lighthouses will be painted by local artists and schools such as King Alfred School, Brent Knoll Primary School, Churchill Primary School in Highbridge, and even one painted by the children at the Playaway Nursery.

Paul has been off work since November from Woodberry and Haines furniture factory to recover from his chemotherapy treatment and has been using the time to build these lighthouses.

Paul said: “When it started out people kept telling me I shouldn't do this because I am supposed to be resting.

However Paul has gotten a lot of support from everyone, including his wife Sally and two sons, 20 year old Lewis and 18 year old Alex. He said: “I do not think I have one person say it's a bad idea. Once I start on a project I can't stop.”

Paul got his inspiration from a chance meeting with Sarah Berrryman, a member of the Burnham and Highbridge Artists group when he bumped into her in Asda.

Their conversation turned to the subject of Bristol's Grommets and wouldn't it be nice if Burnham had something similar.

Paul said: “At the time I didn't even know her name or where she lived or that she was part of a group of artists. It put the idea in my head so I started building.”

The official launch date of the lighthouses will be on May 3 at the Lighthouse Pub in Burnham, where six lighthouses will be on display.

The lighthouses will then be placed around the Burnahm area including ones at Brean, Brent Knoll and Highbridge They will remain on show throughout the summer and then will be taken down and auctioned off for a cancer research charity.