THE hot topic of a Neighbourhood Plan for Burnham and Highbridge is to be discussed at a meeting next week.

Following Burnham and Highbridge Town Council’s decision to proceed with a Neighbourhood Plan, a meeting is to be held at the Town Council offices in Jaycroft Road at 7pm on March 20.

Cllr Phil Harvey, who together with councillors Chris Williams and Helen Groves, has been piloting Neighbourhood Planning through the Town Council said: “All those people who attended the previous meeting in February – together with those who expressed interest but were unable to attend – have been invited.

“But it is an open meeting and anyone who wishes to attend and find out what it’s all about will be very welcome”.

Cllr Chris Williams added: “We will be able to give feedback on the Town Council’s decision and to look at issues such as a constitution for the eventual steering group and its working relationship with the Town Council, including how the finances are controlled.”

Cllr Helen Groves emphasised the need for public participation at every stage.

She said: “It is essential that the whole community is involved in the process so the plan is truly representative of all sectors; residents, business, employees, young and old.

“The steering group will ideally contain people of different skills and backgrounds.”

Cllr Phil Harvey said groups in other towns that have already produced plans have typically set up sub-groups to consider particular topics.

He added: “We’d be interested to hear from people and to what topic(s) they would like to contribute. We’d also be delighted if someone would volunteer to act as secretary for the meetings!”