THE rescue services have issued a warning about driving on the beach after a woman and her child were trapped in a car stuck in the mud.

BARB crew members had to rescue the Highbridge family after their car sank deep into the mud at Brean beach.

Brean’s beach warden called out the BARB Search and Rescue at 4pm when the driver of a Ford Mondeo reported that the vehicle was stuck 200m from the top of the beach with his partner and child inside.

Joe Doyle was hugely thankful to the rescue crew for saving them.

He said: “I didn't think I was far enough out to get stuck.

“We’d been driving along the beach and suddenly the wheels got stuck.

“It has certainly taught us a lesson, and we’re very grateful to the beach warden and BARB.”

A volunteer crew arrived on the scene quickly with a tractor to haul the vehicle to safety.

A BARB spokesman said: “This is the first vehicle to get stuck here this year, and it serves as a warning to other motorists about the dangers of driving across soft sand and mud.

“The advice is to keep to the hard sand at the top of the beach in the designated parking areas.”