A COUPLE from Burnham have proved their parents wrong after they have stayed married together for 60 years.

June met George when she was only 15 years old and they got married when she was 20 and George was 21.

June said: “My mum and dad said no, you’re too young to get married. But we have been together for 60 years so we proved them wrong.”

George and June Garton celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary at Battleborough Grange with 23 guests.

At their party they had a specially made cake with a picture of their wedding day on, and they also got a special letter from the Queen.

June and George moved to Burnham 21 years ago and have gotten very involved in the community there.

June is Chair of the Trefoil Guild, a volunteer at Burnham’s Red Cross shop, and a member of Abbeyfield Trust, whilst George is a member of Highbridge short mat bowls club. They have three daughters, two grandsons and one great-granddaughter called Keegan-Rose.

June said: “Keegan-Rose has just had her second birthday. She lives in Buckinghamshire but I’m constantly getting emails and photos and updates on how she’s doing.”