EAST Huntspill’s Secret World team have been getting in a bit of a flap this week after an injured swan managed to give them the slip three times.

The swan has a piece of fishing line wrapped around one of its legs and the Secret World team set out to help the injured bird.

Weekly News photographer Jeff Searle went out with the team to Browne’s Pond in Bridgwater to capture their daring rescue on camera ... but they couldn’t catch it.

Secret World’s fundraising co-ordinator Debbie O’Keefe said: “We were within inches of getting the swan.

“Some people came along with their yapping dog and frightened the swan off.”

Secret World has tried two more times since then to catch the swan but to no avail.

Ms O’Keefe said: “It’s an ongoing thing to catch that particular swan. “The swan was holding its foot up because it had something wrapped around it.

“When people fish and they cast out their lines, it gets caught on something and birds get trapped on it.

“People who visit see something that’s not right with the swan but catching it is a different kettle of fish.

“We have got lots of equipment but if they have the running space they will take off. At least it’s mobile enough to fly off at speed.”

“We have been out three times in just one week. It keeps eluding us but we don’t give up that easily.”