AN ex-student of King Alfred’s School in Highbridge has achieved her dream to become a stage manager in Australia.

Laurie Ann McAinsh, aged 19, went to St Joseph’s Primary School and was a member of Burnham Pantomime Society as a child.

She has moved to Australia with her family and credits her drama teacher in school and her time with the pantomime society as the reason she reached her dream.

Laurie said: “At King Alfred’s High School my drama teacher Mrs Morgan was very motivational.

“She has an amazing passion for theatre and I think it rubbed off on me.

“When it came to my GCSEs she gave all her time to her students to ensure we came out with the best results possible.”

“In Burnham Pantomime Society I think it was because it was such a good atmosphere, almost like a family, I still keep in contact with quite a few of them.

“It’s something fun to do and gives you great personal skills because you interact with people of all different ages. I recommend it to everyone.”

Thanks to her diligence, Laurie has managed to nail a position as a stage manager at the Regal Theatre in Perth, although the hard work hasn’t stopped there.

Laurie said: “A stage manager literally has to be able to take on any job in seconds if something’s gone wrong. I get to rehearsals an hour before everyone and leave after everyone. I have to be the person everyone comes to, be it an actor or the director.”

Laurie’s mum, Tracey, said: “I am extremely proud of her and believe she will be a rising star within her chosen profession.”

While Laurie is extremely busy with her new job she admitted she would always like to come back Burnham.

She said: “If I got the chance I would always love to come back and work with Burnham Pantomime Society for old time’s sake.”