A FIVE-year-old girl from Pawlett who was born with a serious physical disability is looking for help to be able to walk for the first time.

Jessica Avery was born with quadriplegic cerebral palsy, which means her brain sends out incorrect messages to her nerves which control her muscles, making it difficult for her to move and walk.

However her parents, Kate and Simon Avery, believe a specialised operation in America could enable Jessica to walk for the first time.

Kate said: “If she had this operation she could nearly walk without the walker. Some of them who have this operation get to walk unaided.”

When Jessica was born, doctors said she would be severely disabled for the rest of her life and might also be totally blind.

While Jessica can still see, she has difficulty moving. She can use a walker to move short distances but otherwise uses a wheelchair to get around.

Now her parents are trying to raise £70,000 for her operation, starting with a ‘Jump for Jessica’ session in May at the Trampoline and Gymnastic Club on East Quay in Bridgwater.

Kate said: “Reaching that goal would be absolutely fantastic. We have a long mountain to climb but Jessica does this every day so we should try our best too.

“It would mean the world to me. Its Jessica’s dream but it’s also our dream.”

The funds are being raised via the charity Tree of Hope who is helping organise the fundraisers and help with the campaign.

If you are interested in jumping for Jessica, text jump to 07817 523171 for more information, or visit the website helpjessicawalk.com