OVER £1million has been raised for flood victims by people all over the world by the Somerset Community Foundation.

The Somerset Flood Relief Fund Just Giving web page ticked over £1million thanks to the thousands of fundraisers, companies and individuals donating to the cause.

Mary Hancock, deputy chief executive of the Somerset Community Foundation, said: “We didn’t have a target at the start. We eventually set a target for £100,000 and then it just kept gaining momentum.

“An auction in Othery that raised £10,000, a lady who ran a dog show that raised over £7,000 - it’s thanks to all these local fundraisers that have put us up this high.

“The local events and fundraisers help bring people together and underline that community spirit that made this possible.”

The flood relief fund has handed out over £260,000 in grants to more than 350 households affected so far, and you can still donate to the fund.

For more information on how to donate, call the Somerset Community Foundation on 01749 344949, or by donating online at justgiving.com/Somerset-Community-Found-Flood-Appeal