ARCHERS in Burnham are “over the moon” after receiving £6,500 to replace their leaky old clubhouse.

Sedgemoor District Council grants award sub-committee awarded Burnham Archers the cash injection and the club leaders broke the news to delighted members on Saturday.

Junior and senior club members gathered at their grounds to hear the good news.

Claire Burgess, secretary for Burnham Archers, said: “We are over the moon with the decision.

“It hasn’t quite hit home properly yet. It’s great news to everyone, without a doubt.”

Burnham Archers train in a field near Burnham Rugby Club with two small prefabs to store their equipment and to shelter from the rain.

However the buildings they use are now 15 years old and proving to be poor protection from the elements.

Ms Burgess said: “We have two dilapidated buildings and they need to be replaced.

“We wanted to replace them so we have a space to make a cup of tea so we don’t get wet when it rains, as it regularly does.

“We also wanted to have a place to sit indoors and run a few courses. Archery is not just about shooting. It’s also about maintaining your bow and your arrows as well.

“The current buildings leak a lot when it’s raining – it’s like sitting inside a sieve.

“It’s going to help us without a shadow of a doubt.”