COUNCILLORS are pushing for the appointment of a new dog warden in Burnham to crack down on dog fouling.

As the summer fast approaches, there is growing concern in the town that people are allowing their dogs to foul on pavements, paths and the beach.

Burnham Town Projects Committee are considering recruiting a new out-of-hours dog warden, supplementing Sedgemoor District Council's existing service of two dog wardens, to curb the problem.

Burnham Mayor Martin Cox said: “We want to try and keep the beach between Maddocks Slade and the slipway free of dog mess.

“We have seven miles of golden beach, let's at least keep part of it free from dog foul.

“We are doing everything we can to achieve this, including lengthening the ban on dogs on part of the beach from six to 12 months, and an extra dog warden would be the answer to this.”

Chamber of trade spokesman Beverley Milner Simonds welcomed the move. She said: “Maintaining the town centre and each area as a welcoming environment is very important to Chamber of Trade members.

“We would like to see dog owners taking a more responsible approach and welcome the intervention of the town council.

“Sgt Ashley Jones from Burnham police mentioned this was a problem and he said PCSOs can issue fines, but he wasn't aware any have been issued.”

Sedgemoor District Council assured the Weekly News it is not reducing the Dog Warden service in the 14/15 budget year.

A spokesman added: “As our two dog wardens have many varying duties across the district, the Town Council have approached Sedgemoor to discuss if an increased presence during the peak holiday season would deter irresponsible owners from not clearing up after dogs and allow more enforcement action to be taken where appropriate.

“SDC is happy to work with the Town Council to manage an additional warden service for Burnham if funding is secured.”

Beach Wardens are also trained to issue Fixed Penalty Notices.