POLICE are urging residents in and around Burnham to ensure their doors and windows are locked at night following a spate of burglaries.

High value items such as iPads, phones and laptops have been stolen in the crimes, which have occurred over the past few weeks.

Three homes were broken into and two attempts were made to enter homes in Burnham and Highbridge.

The latest incident occurred last Tuesday when a home in the Walrow area of Highbridge was entered and valuables were stolen.

Burnham Mayor Martin Cox said he will be taking police advice and is urging residents to do the same.

He said: “Can everyone please be aware that these crimes have been happening and it's important people are aware of the dangers of leaving windows and side gates open.

“Let the police know if you see anyone loitering around outside and don't provide temptations. It's something I'll be thinking about.

“On the one hand police are saying crime rate is down and improving and on the other there are these sudden spates of burglaries.”

Sgt Ashley Jones, of Burnham Police, said: “The items taken are expensive and the thief/thieves went in and out very quickly.

“The crimes occurred in the hours of darkness and entry was gained through a window or unlocked door, often at the rear of the property.

“We are encouraging residents to lock their doors and make sure valuables are not visible to people outside the address.

“We also want to hear if anyone has been offered items, like the ones described, cheaper locally.”

Police are investigating through forensic and traditional means, but also working on crime prevention. Burnham Police held a series of property marking events, including one on Sunday marking bikes at Burnham Triathlon.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police on 101.