“IF it seems too good to be true it probably is” – that’s the message from Burnham police following a series of telephone scams and rogue trader cons.

Police have received many reports of phone scams, in which the caller claims to be a police officer investigating some form of fraud involving the victim’s bank account.

The scams involve the caller asking for either the victim’s bank account or that the victim withdraw some money to be given to a courier to their home.

Sgt Ashley Jones, of Burnham Police, said: “It sounds implausible but I was recently called to the counter at the police station a few weeks ago to find a senior couple who had been deceived by just such a scam and had withdrawn £10,000 from their account and were heading home to await the promised courier.

“Needless to say they were heading back to their bank within a few minutes to re-deposit their cash and we were taking further details about the circumstances of the scam.

“The moral of the story is if it seems too good to be true it probably is.

“If you abide by this rule and listen to that little voice which says ‘something doesn’t feel right about this’ you can spot most scams at ten paces.”

Sgt Jones, in his role as part of the Senior Citizens’ Liaison Team, visits various community groups to give presentations on avoiding scams.

He recently visited the Pawlett Ladies Royal British Legion Branch (see photo).

To arrange a senior safety presentation please contact the Senior Citizen Liaison Team on 07879 116009.