MINIATURE versions of Burnham’s iconic lighthouse were spread across the Burnham and Highbridge area as part of the town’s new sightseeing trail.

Officially launched by Burnham Mayor Martin Cox and Town Crier Alistair Murray at the Lighthouse pub last Saturday, the Burnham Lighthouse Trail comprises of 33 six-foot tall replicas of the famous landmark.

The lighthouse trail runs from down at Secret World in East Huntspill all the ways up to Brean and Lympsham.

Each lighthouse was built single-handedly by Highbridge father Paul Plume, 48, who built them while he was off work recovering from bowel and lung cancer.

Paul said: “I missed the launch event because I was out setting up all the lighthouses. We got the whole lot done one Saturday. 11 hours it took us.”

“It’s about time I started doing nothing. I’m on cancer treatment and I’m supposed to be resting so it’s time I started acting like a patient again.”

Each lighthouse was then painted by members of Highbridge and Burnham Artists (HABA) and by various community groups and schools in the area.

The lighthouses are at various locations and businesses around the town and they are already creating a buzz amongst the local community and holiday makers.

Kate Sigrist from Burnham Tourism Information, who received one of the lighthouses, said: “People love the lighthouses and keep coming to take photos of them.

“We printed a leaflet of the trail and it sold out straight away. They are going like hot cakes. We are going to be printing a lot more this week.

“People are coming in wanting to learn more about the trail. They are getting into the spirit of it. Holiday makers are coming in, interested in the trail as well.”

Mike Lang, from RNLI whose headquarters also received a lighthouse, said: “There’s a real gaining interest for the one at the lifeboat station. People are jumping out of their cars to take a look and get photos.

“People are coming out with their camera phones. It’s really taking off and I think it will take off even more.”

Denise Emergy, from Burnham and Highbridge Town Council, said: “They have worked really hard at making the trail well known and they have done a great job this early on making sure everybody knows about it.”

The trail also has one secret 34th baby lighthouse that’s only four feet tall in a hidden location in Burnham.