THE last remaining carnival club in Burnham has been rescued in the nick of time thanks to a furniture factory in Highbridge.

As reported in the Weekly News, Hillview Carnival Club was desperately searching for a home to build this year’s cart for what is its 40th anniversary.

Club members had to move out of their old home at the Bristol Bridge Inn in Highbridge by May 10, and with one week to go it was looking less and less likely that they would be able to take part in this year’s carnival.

Hillview chairman Mark Bishop said: “It was getting desperate. It was looking like we’d have to pack up for this year.

“We used everything we possibly could to get the word out – we used the Weekly News, social media, word of mouth, everything.”

One conversation changed everything – at the 11th hour, Woodbury Brothers & Haines in Highbridge came to the rescue and offered the beleaguered carnival club a home.

Mr Bishop said: “It was more or less a single conversation.

“They’ve always been supportive of the club, and we’re grateful for the offer and hopefully we can get back on track.

“Last Saturday would have been our final day at our old home and they moved our stuff to the new place on the Thursday evening.”

Children in the club don’t have much time to celebrate as the delay in finding a home has left them a long way behind schedule.

Mr Bishop said: “They were all pleased, but we haven’t made any promises to the kids.

“They’re fundraising well and hopefully it will all go to plan.

“Years ago you could start late building the cart and still get it done on time, but they got so elaborate it takes a lot of time to do it.

“We’re behind schedule because we haven’t done anything yet.

“We need all hands to the pump and will see how we get on.

“We’ll just keep on moving and working and hopefully we’ll get it done on time.”