NIGEL Farage's UKIP was the big winner in the European Parliament elections in the South-West.

And while the Conservative vote held up, the big losers were the LibDems, whose vote collapsed to such an extent that they failed to win a seat - and long-serving Sir Graham Watson lost his seat.

UKIP and the Conservatives, who both attracted over 400,000 votes, secured two MEPs each, with one each for Labour and the Green Party.



The number of votes cast for each party in the South-West was.

An Independence From Europe, 23,169.

British National Party - 10,910.
Conservative Party - 433,151.
English Democrats Party - 15,081.
Green Party - 166,447.
Labour Party - 206,124.
Liberal Democrats - 160,376.
United Kingdom Independence Party - 484,184.


The six elected Members of the European Parliament are.

1 - William Dartmouth, United Kingdom Independence Party.
2 - Ashley Peter Fox, Conservative Party.
3 - Julia Reid, United Kingdom Independence Party.
4 - Julia McCulloch Girling, Conservative Party.
5 - Claire Miranda Moody, Labour Party.
6 - Molly Scott Cato, Green Party.


The overall turnout for the South-West region was 37.03% compared to 38.87% in 2009.