THE design of the revamped £73,000 skate park in Apex Park in Highbridge has been revealed by Sedgemoor District Council.

The works include floodlighting as well as a new half pipe, quarter pipe, planter, wedge flats, bank ramps and pyramid corner ramp.

The council says the existing skate park equipment, which was installed in 2002, has reached the end of its useful life and requires replacement.

Jupiter Play will be delivering the project using fastener free ramps which require little on-going maintenance and have a long life expectancy.

A total of £72,994 will be spent on the upgrade, with £58,395.20 of this funding coming from RLT3 developer funds for outdoor sport and the rest being provided by Sedgemoor District Council. It is expected that the skate park will be closed for up to a month to allow the old ramps to be removed, patching-up of the surface to take place and new ramps to be installed.

Subject to weather conditions, the skate park upgrade should be completed by early August.

The council is also looking to upgrade three other parks in the Burnham and Highbridge area, including Crosses Penn near Burnham’s Manor Gardens, Coleridge Gardens and Stiling Close in Highbridge.

A Sedgemoor District Council spokesman said: “Invitations to tender for three further Burnham and Highbridge parks are being returned next week.

“Tenders will be evaluated with works contracts then being awarded. Subject to a successful tendering process we hope to start these upgrades in late July.”

Consultations are also underway regarding the future of Talbot Close Park in Highbridge, which is only 25metres away from Apex Park.

The council spokesman said: “Local residents have been asked what they would like to see in the park and asked to choose between a traditional play park, community garden with vegetable planting or a community garden with shrubs and informal play equipment installed.

“Following analysis of the consultation results refurbishment plans will be ready by early June.”