THE youth centre in Burnham received a £500 boost thanks to the Co-Op Funeralcare.

Jan Rowen, from Co-Op Funeralcare, handed over a cheque to the Burnham Area Youth Centre which will be used to redecorate the centre’s kitchen.

Ms Rowen said: “The kitchen area is used when we hold our regular Sunday morning church group meetings, and we look forward to the work completion.”

Mike Lang, vice chair of Burnham Area Youth Centre, said: “The existing cooker, although safe, needs replacement with something more modern. We have around 500 people regularly using the BAY centre, and efficient cooking facilities are essential.

“Ongoing projects included provision of an extra ball stop fence at the end of our multi-purpose ball court, and replacement of our upper windows, on which the seals are starting to fail.”

The £500 will be pooled with an existing anonymous donation to finance the enhancement, which includes replacement of the existing cooker, and a modified café counter, to enable more flexible use of the BAY Centre’s kitchen facilities.