THE hottest June for nearly a decade has brought bumper numbers of people to the town’s cafes and caravan parks.

Weekends at one of Burnham’s holiday parks have been fully-booked for three weeks in a row, with staff saying it’s the best June they’ve seen for years.

Teacup in Burnham which has also been inundated with party bookings. Meanwhile staff at Bay View Cafe say it has been a fantastic start to the season.

Parts of the South-West have been enjoying temperatures that have been well above 25C and the Met Office says temperatures could beat the last hottest June which was in 2006.

John Eccles, manager of Ocean Lodge Holiday Park on South Road, told the Weekly News: “There has been a big increase in weekend trade, but parents can’t take their children out of school, so it’s quieter in the week.

“People check the weather and book last minute. It’s been a blazing June. We have dry weather this time of year but it’s rare to have these high temperatures so early.

“We haven’t had a June like this in the last ten years. Our swimming pool has been particularly popular!”

Ann Fudge, who co-owns Bay View Café, with her daughter Sonia, said: “This has definitely been a great June. We’ve had three weeks of hot weather now and we’ve been exceptionally busy. It must be the best June for quite a few years. We just hope the rest of the season is as good as this.”

Gill Hills, owner of The Crafty Teacup Café, on Victoria Street said: “We are very busy. The good weather always seems to put people in a good mood as well, as we have suddenly had a lot of party bookings and have an event most weekdays and weekends now up until September.

“It may be people want to book a party because the hot weather puts them in the mood.

“We are also selling probably double the amount of cold drinks that we normally would and certainly a lot of salads.”

Andy Nelms, assistant manager at Burnham’s Costa Coffee, said: “There’s been a big change from people ordering hot drinks to cold drinks like coolers and iced coffees.

“It’s been a steady flow of customers during the heatwave but it’s busier at the weekends and when people finish work.”