A POLICE search was underway in Burn-ham on Tuesday following a daytime attack in a park, causing shock in the community.

Police cars and the force helicopter were used in the search after an assault which happened at about 11am on Tuesday morning in the Frank Foley Parkway area of the town.

A police spokesman told the Weekly News on Tuesday: “Officers are involved in a search for a suspect and a police helicopter is assisting in the search.”

Cllr Helen Groves, who lives in nearby Love Lane, said: “The police helicopter was circling for hours.
“I think the incident might have happened in the new park at the housing estate nearby.

“There was an assault around that area last year in the middle of the day but this is a nice area and any type of crime is highly unusual, let alone an assault. It’s very shocking.”

Cllr Kate Lawson added: “It is pretty shocking that an incident like this happened in broad daylight.

“Both myself and my daughter walk around on our own and it is a concern when assaults like this happen.”

Sam Norris commented on this story on the Weekly News Facebook page.

She said: “The police helicopter today was hovering over Burnham Beach for 20 minutes from about 12.40pm to 12.55pm then it was hovering over Kingsway Road, Jaycroft Road and Dunstan Road for 20 minutes from about 12.55pm to 1.10pm today.”

No one had been arrested at the time the Weekly News went to press.