DOCTORS in Somerset have launched a five-year strategy to safeguard people’s health amid Government funding cuts plans of £200million.

The strategy has been created by the NHS Clinical Commissioning Group in Somerset – which represents 400 GPs in the area – with the aim of maintaining a high standard of care within the budget constraints.

The areas the Somerset CCG will be tackling include eliminating avoidable deaths in hospitals, reducing time spent in hospital through better and more integrated care in the community and reducing the number of years of life lost through treatable conditions such as cancer, stroke, heart disease, respiratory disease and liver disease.

Somerset CCG plans to make the patients, public and carers a key focus in its five-year plan with the hopes of encouraging healthy lifestyle choices, supporting self-care and helping people to manage their conditions.

Dr Matthew Dolman, chairman of the Somerset CCG, said: “There needs to be a community-wide response.

"All of the NHS organisations, the county and district councils, voluntary and support organisations, and most importantly the patients, public and carers need to work together to build a sustainable NHS in Somerset for generations to come.”

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