PLANS for pylons connecting Hinkley Point C to Avonmouth have been accepted by the Government for examination.

National Grid made the application back in May to install the overhead line, which would carry electricity from new nuclear power station Hinkley C.

A six-month inquiry will now being held, and members of the public will be able to comment before a recommendation is made to the Secretary of State.

Sir Michael Pitt, chief executive for the Planning Inspectorate said the application met the required tests set out in the legislation to be accepted for examination.

From July 12, members of the public who want to be involved with the planning process can register their interest with the Planning Inspectorate.

This can be done by filling in the ‘Registration and Relevant Representation Form’ on the Planning Inspectorate’s dedicated Hinkley Point C Connection project page.

The deadline for registration is August 26.

Full plans and supporting documents can be found at Sedgemoor District Council, Bridg-water House, from July 1, and at www.infra The pylons will carry 30-miles of overhead wires and a five-mile section under the Mendips.

It would connect the proposed station to the National Grid’s substation at Avonmouth.

Just under 250 pylons would also be removed as well as 42 miles of cabling between Bridgwater, Avonmouth and Nailsea.

National Grid senior project manager Peter Bryant said: “We are pleased that the Planning Inspectorate has accepted our application for examination.

“This connection will carry the power from the new Hinkley Point nuclear power station and other proposed generation in the South West. It will play an important role in making sure the country has the reliable and safe electricity supply we have all come to expect."

Those against the pylons say the entire route should be underground or sub-sea, however National Grid has said this option would be too expensive.

Speaking when the application was made, Paul Hipwell, chairman of campaign group No Moor Pylons said: “We’re absolutely flabbergasted that National Grid is proceeding with the planning application when Hinkley C has not been agreed.

“How do they know what power they will need and how to deliver that at this stage?”

A final decision will be made in 2015.