AS the weather hots up and the World Cup gets into full swing, police in Burnham have launched a summer offensive to on drink-driving.

Avon and Somerset Police have launched Operation Tonic which encourages people to consider the consequences of drinking alcohol and getting behind the wheel and highlights the dangers of drink-driving.

Burnham’s police team was on the seafront on Thursday complete with a display of a car which had been involved in a drink/drug driving-related crash in Somerset.

PCSO Dan Wheller told the Weekly News: “We had an amazing response from people in Burnham, not just from locals but from visitors from further afield like Birmingham and Manchester.

“We decided to run Operation Tonic over the summer and alongside the World Cup.

“We want to make sure people are leaving enough time between drinking in the evening and driving the next morning and are considering that they could still be over the limit hours later.

“We’ve also got a text number so people can let us know when they see someone who has had too much to drink getting into a car.

“The crash vehicle really helped hammer home what can happen in drink-driving cases. We also heard from people whose loved ones have been injured by a drink-driver.”

Extra stop checks are being carried out after World Cup games and during mornings across Burnham and Highbridge.

Chief Inspector Jeff Foreman added: “The majority of offences that increase during the World Cup are drink-related, such as a disagreement between two pub-goers that escalates into a fight or criminal damage incidents on the way home.”

Figures show that during the World Cup reports of some offences increase, such as domestic abuse, drink-related violence and anti-social behaviour.

Posters have been created that target domestic abuse, sexual offences, drink-driving, and drink-related violence and criminal damage. They have been distributed to pubs, bars and other public venues by officers and are being distributed by councils and NHS teams.

To report a drink or drug driver call 999 or text the word ‘drunk’, with brief details such as the vehicle registration number and its location, to 81819. And for information about domestic abuse go to