TOILET seats and door handles are among the items penny-pinching sellers are taking with them when they move house, according to new research.

A survey by Saga Legal Solutions says some residents in Somerset take the most basic of fixtures and fittings when they move out. The top five unusual items removed are: 1 Light bulbs (24%), 2 Plants from the garden (22%), 3 Carpet (16%), 4 Light switches & Door handles (4%), 5 Toilet seat (2%).

The research also revealed that one in seven people are deterred from moving home by costs such as estate agent and conveyancing fees. The top three reasons people in Somerset give for not moving house are: 1 I love the area (33%), 2 Can’t afford a bigger mortgage (22%), 3 I’ve already put too much effort into making the house/garden just the way I like it (18%).