THERE was a reasonably good attendance at the last meeting when everyone was welcomed by the chairlady, including one or two visitors.

Once again the order of procedure went into reverse (which is almost becoming the norm!) but it does prevent the group’s entertainers from being kept waiting.

For the second time in a row there was musical entertainment although this was completely different from the previous meeting.

One of the members introduced The Hometown Skiffle Trio led by Jeff Hague, who played and sang music reminiscent of the American Deep South and the Lonnie Donegan skiffle era.

The band had an amazing array of instruments including various guitars, banjos, washboard, tea-chest double bass and a harmonica as they kept things moving at a cracking pace, generating hand-clapping and toe-tapping from the audience.

The musicians certainly earned their cups of tea.

After the tea break, the treasurer gave her report, Peter conducted the auction and George drew the raffle.

Gerry Davies asked for support for the Church Flower Festival and all the other associated activities, and hoped that as many as possible would join in with what is expected to be an amazing weekend.

The next meeting is today (Thursday), which will be the AGM and Strawberry Tea – an afternoon not to be missed.