HUNDREDS of families, friends and survivors of child abuse have contacted Burnham's MP urging for the issue of abuse to remain in the spotlight.

Tessa Munt MP, who has campaigned for an inquiry into allegations of child abuse cover-ups at Westminster, revealed she is a survivor of sexual abuse during an interview on Radio 4's PM programme.

The MP said she didn't speak of the abuse for years because she feared no-one would believe her, but decided to speak about it publicly for the first time as Home Secretary Theresa May announced an independent inquiry into the handling of abuse claims by public bodies.

This week Ms Munt said: “This followed a long campaign by a cross party group of seven MPs. Each of us is determined to seek justice for those who have experienced child abuse.

“While explaining what had driven us to seek this Inquiry, I spoke publicly for the first time about my own experiences as a survivor of abuse as a child.

“By speaking out, I hoped to offer encouragement to other victims to do so too - so that this independent inquiry is the one that changes things. I want victims to be heard, listened to, and wherever possible, for action to be taken.”

She added: “I was able to recognise it's always the abuser's fault. He or she is always completely in the wrong. The victim is always, always, always innocent.”

Since going public, Ms Munt has received an “absolute avalanche” of emails, texts, letters and phone calls from other survivors.

She added: “It is literally hundreds and hundreds of people; some victims, others family members of victims, and even solicitors, barristers, social workers who want to be sure the truth is known.

“If you are one of those who has contacted me, please understand that I am doing my best to reply.”

The inquiry will look into the pattern of missing files about sexual abuse claims which are understood to include high-profile members of the establishment.