BURNHAM’S MP says she was disappointed that new Defra Secretary Liz Truss visited Somerset but failed to meet with a group of local farmers and landowners from the Axe and Brue catchment areas.

Tessa Munt (pictured) wrote to the new Secretary of State inviting her to meet farmers and smallholders in Somerset on the day she was given her new job.

Ms Munt said: “It was agreed that we needed a ‘whole catchment approach’ if the Government is to be successful in protecting people, property and productive land from long-term flood damage.

“I spent a good part of the weekend speaking with farmers and we’re not convinced that Defra is sticking to its original approach, which is worrying. 

“I have the means to contact 1,100 affected smallholders, tenants and farmers with land abutting the

Axe and Brue Rivers at short notice, and although they have missed out this time, I will write to Liz Truss again, asking that she meet those affected in my area so she understands these problems are not limited to the Parrett and the Tone.”