BURNHAM MP Tessa Munt has urged the South-West to get behind a united boycott of Israeli goods in protest against the Gaza bombings.

In a recent statement on the ongoing conflict in Gaza, LibDem Ms Munt said: “Israel has crossed a line. The time has come for me to choose how I spend my money.

“I must boycott Israeli goods and services, and I’d encourage others to consider doing the same.”

Ms Munt, Parliamentary Private Secretary to Vince Cable, Secretary of State for Busi-ness, Innovation and Skills, said: “It’s not OK to drop bombs on civilians, and the sight of parents carrying the remains of their small children in plastic bags is sickening. 

“Bombed hospitals and schools, an entire population stunned and damaged is criminal – it simply can’t be justified.

“When civilians are targeted a crime is committed against us all.

“By staying silent governments allow these crimes to become the ‘norm’, thereby failing the public and future generations.

“We can’t allow the scenes we’re witnessing to become the ‘norm’ – they’re not normal.”

The MP says a boycott will send a message of “non-violent action”.

She said: “I’m a huge believer in people power, and whereas modern history has rep-eatedly proven violence to be not only ugly, but useless, non-violent actions can be hugely effective.

“The use of a boycott is one example of non-violent action, and while a protest march is effective in raising awareness and publicity a boycott hits states and organisations where it hurts most – the wallet.

“Israel exports all sorts of things, from food to financial services, into the UK, and we all have a choice about how we spend our money. 

“Gaza’s often referred to as an ‘open air prison’ – people can’t come and go, and acc-ess to goods and services is controlled by Israel.

“We wouldn’t accept that in Britain and we can’t accept it elsewhere.