GETTING STUCK behind a caravan or tractor is the number one summer driving bugbear of motorists in the UK.

This is closely followed by Bank Holiday queues and boy racers playing loud music in their cars. 

Drivers over 60 are more likely to get annoyed by caravans and tractors, boy racers and tailbacks compared to 18-29-year olds. 

The top three pet hates of British drivers of summer on the roads is followed by no air conditioning in their car, a hot steering wheel and sticky leather seats, and forgetting to bring sunglasses.

Women are more likely to get annoyed by these things, than men, with 28 of female drivers irritated by driving with no air-conditioning, compared to 18% of men.

Whilst 50% of women also hate hot seats and steering wheels, men don’t seem to mind as much.
Rounding out the top summer driving dislikes are children complaining in the car on long journeys, driving in flip-flops, and sunburn on one arm.

More women than men find it stressful when children complain on long journeys (20%), in contrast to just 6% of men.

The survey was conducted by HPI and its Senior Consumer Services Manager Shane Teskey said: "Everyone looks forward to getting away from it all over the summer, but it’s clear from our survey that driving at the height of the season can be stressful.

“The warm weather is great, once you’re on the beach, but stuck in traffic in a hot car is enough to test the patience of most motorists."