VOLUNTEERS for the RNLI in Burnham have been busy this month with bog mat training and a prize giving event on their agenda.

The Weekly News reported last week on the installation of bog mats along the Burnham coastline, fitted by specialists WM Plant Hire.

The bog mats consist of around 16 tonnes of high density hardwood anchored into the shore.

Lyndon Baker, volunteer lifeboat training coordinator and driver, told the News: “In addition to the enhanced launch capability, the mats improve safety by providing firm and consistent terrain to drive upon. 

“This is important and very reassuring to the shore crew and especially to the tractor driver in poor weather, when speed is of the essence and you can’t even see where you’re going.”

The volunteers were back on more familiar territory for their usual Sunday training session and, on their return, took some time out to present a flat screen TV to the winner of a photo competition held during their recent open day.

The competition was won by Becky Hewlitt, an RNLI supporter from Burnham, who caught a snap of the volunteers in action during the lifeboat- pulling event through the town.