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PM Theresa May calls for general election on June 8

Last updated:

    PM calls General Election
  • She says Westminster is split
  • Date hoped for June 8
  • Reaction from Somerset


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Mark1970 11:50am Tue 18 Apr 17
I am UKIP but I shall be voting for Conservative this time. A vote for UKIP is a vote for labour, especially in labour controlled seats. UKIP we need to stand behind a strong Government, UKIP do not have a chance without Nigel. Please vote with your heads and not with your hearts, and we can destroy left-wing liberalism.
Score: 2
topcataj Replying Mark1970 11:53am Tue 18 Apr 17
You're also a massive racist, proven by your repeated comments on this site.
Score: 10
BRFC1960 Replying Mark1970 1:06pm Tue 18 Apr 17
Thanks Mark, that's the biggest laugh I've had in a long time. When you say vote with your head, I'll be voting for the candidate that has strong policies in place for Taunton. Making a general election about one solitary issue may have worked in the past, the last election was all about not handing power to Scotland, but we need to include local issues such as health; education; job creation; and crime into the mix or this will become a second EU referendum and the results may not be the same second time around. The PM nearly amused me as much as your post did when she talked of how people are united when clearly this is not the case. I would like to think that this could be a positive campaign about what our elected member will do to improve life for us all, however this will no doubt be a bitter and nasty election that will create further division and resentment.
Score: 2
Mark1970 Replying BRFC1960 1:28pm Tue 18 Apr 17
The sad thing is, that no matter whom you vote for, you will never get the best result from a candidate. The majority of them, just offer false hopes and promises. The World is a lot bigger than just Taunton, a town that now sounds like a bad Russian movie, rather than a farmers town like it used to be.
Score: 2
BRFC1960 Replying Mark1970 2:01pm Tue 18 Apr 17
On the plus side, should Rebecca Pow decide not to stand again, John Williams can turn to you as a substitute, Mark.
Score: 3
Ministry of Fake 12:54pm Tue 18 Apr 17
Will they have placards up in maternity wards?
Score: 0
BRFC1960 Replying Ministry of Fake 1:08pm Tue 18 Apr 17
The Lib Dems did ask but the government are refusing to conduct another u-turn by lowering the legal age to vote.
Score: 6
Ministry of Fake Replying BRFC1960 1:32pm Tue 18 Apr 17
It'll be the end of labour for some at least
Score: 4
BRFC1960 Replying Ministry of Fake 1:58pm Tue 18 Apr 17
Brilliant, that was funnier than Marks comment.
Score: 4
TheGrit76 2:23pm Tue 18 Apr 17
What we could be looking at here, is a single party *blue* state, like China. The NHS will be annihilated, along with the education system. With an Increased -majority vote, the Tories can waltz back into the commons and sell off England, to the highest bidder. Which the way things are heading, looks like this will be America. Unless something miraculous happens, and the Brits rediscover common sense, which does seem to be a thing of the past… We can look forward to living in a communist, Farage styled Britain.
Score: 3
BRFC1960 Replying TheGrit76 2:27pm Tue 18 Apr 17
On the plus side, Mark will be happy.
Score: 0
TheGrit76 Replying BRFC1960 2:38pm Tue 18 Apr 17
Mark has a right to his view, though the frustration with his kind of view point, is how ill-informed it actually is, and probably gets his ‘facts’ from Murdock published newspapers and propaganda filled tv programs, with no individual thought.. Just a programmed mind.
Score: 6
Mark1970 Replying TheGrit76 4:15pm Tue 18 Apr 17
What and you do not read left wing newspapers, or watch the news on BBC? All left wing everything is fine in the World.

I actually read all sides, and watch all sides, however I do something which is a lot more important. I SPEAK TO PEOPLE IN REAL LIFE, Ministry of cake to name one factory in Taunton, run by a POLISH employment agency, the MAJORITY of the factory is IMMIGRANT workers.

Mmmmm gee let me think for a moment.
Score: 2
TheGrit76 Replying Mark1970 4:31pm Tue 18 Apr 17
We're not born racist, it is taught to us. Obviously you're from an extremely racist family and speak with the same toxic people. Seek help sir...
Score: 3
Mark1970 Replying TheGrit76 5:10pm Tue 18 Apr 17
Again you left wing muppet troll. Firstly my family are not RACIST. I come from Weston super Mare originally, the majority of immigrants there were greek.

The first black people who got an adopted home, I was friends with, yet yes people was racist towards them.

My family had Spanish and French students every year, so no I am not racist, or any rubbish that you are sprouting, just because I want to put my own kind first.

I suggest that you goto Europe and see that you get nothing from Europe unlike you do in the UK. Do you think that Spain will pay your benefits? It will for two years, and then you are cut off, you do not get even housing benefit.

So I suggest before you even remotely make assumptions, and call people neo nazi's etc etc.

You actually learn something about Europe as a whole. I suggest that you look at rich Countries such as France, Switzerland, Spain the real Europe they do not mass immigrate into our Country.

Yet the poor former Soviet Union Countries have flooded these shores.

I bet you cannot find a Spaniard or a French person in the local area, I bet you can a polish person.

Score: 1
BRFC1960 Replying Mark1970 8:49am Wed 19 Apr 17
The majority of nurses at Musgrove are Spanish because there's a shortage nationally. Free movement has made that process easier, something worth considering when whining about the impact the EU has had on this country.
Score: 4
speaknoevil Replying Mark1970 5:30pm Tue 18 Apr 17
To correct you grammar...."are Immigrant workers" not is
Score: 2
Mark1970 Replying speaknoevil 5:42pm Tue 18 Apr 17
The only thing you left wing trolls are worried about is spelling and grammar. You cannot understand the other side of the coin, it hurts your brains if you cannot win an debate.

Oh you spelt one word wrong, you missed out a comma etc

Score: 1
speaknoevil Replying Mark1970 9:23pm Tue 18 Apr 17
Pot, kettle springs to mind.
Score: 0
twigimala Replying TheGrit76 8:41pm Tue 18 Apr 17
Chinese more like it
Score: 0
twigimala Replying TheGrit76 9:30pm Wed 19 Apr 17
Don't forget Turkey now
Score: 0
Ministry of Fake 3:01pm Tue 18 Apr 17
The presenters on LBC must think they've died and gone to heaven, although I prefer John Piennar to Katie Hopkins on Sunday morning
Score: 0
BRFC1960 3:45pm Tue 18 Apr 17
If the opposition had their wits about them, they would vote against this and scupper the PMs plan. If I was one of the local Tories I would also be against it given their lack of delivery on their pre-election pledges and the relatively small swing required to remove them.
Score: 2
Ministry of Fake Replying BRFC1960 6:22pm Tue 18 Apr 17
I think she's happy enough to put SW MPs out to dry if the result neutralises the SNP
Score: 0
Alex@SDA 4:33pm Tue 18 Apr 17
Oh goodness me, so now were are to endure not only the hustings but the rhetoric on platforms such as this and suffer the raft of people insulting each other as well as cyber ping-pong.

Get a life you lot, go out and vote and vote as per your conscience and what YOU feel is best!
Score: 3
Mark1970 Replying Alex@SDA 5:01pm Tue 18 Apr 17
Easy solution, just send the left wing liberals to Europe so they can be Europeans, but then they would not get their comfortable benefits, they would have to pay for everything.

Mmmm gee let me inform them about how the Spanish Government are.

1) Enter the Country for more than 3 months, you need to register at the police station with documents to get an NIE number.
2) Want to buy a home there, you need to apply for residency on top of the NIE, if your NIE is out of date, you have to renew that NIE or apply for a new one
3) Spanish people only get benefits for two years, after that, they get no housing benefit, welfare at all.
4) Break the law you get deported
5) You can apply for a Spanish passport, but after 10 years, by that time you have to pledge allegiance to King and Country.
6) You cannot have a dual passport, if say for example you are British, you then have to give up your nationality to become Spanish, here we allow dual passports.

The left wing nut jobs, know nothing about Europe, which makes me chuckle.
Score: 3
BRFC1960 Replying Mark1970 7:55pm Tue 18 Apr 17
Mark, I don't claim benefits nor do I have a council house. Not because the immigrants have them all but because I get out of bed every day and go to work every day to pay a mortgage. If you think Teresa May has the best interests of the elderly, disabled, just about managing working families, and children at the core of our policies then you are even more deluded than she is when she says this country is united and it's all thanks to her government. Out of interest, what has our elected member done to help you out with your plight?
Score: 6
Mark1970 Replying BRFC1960 8:17pm Tue 18 Apr 17
Firstly do you think that labour have your best interest at heart?

A lot of them, especially at the top are all Eton or Cambridge who rub shoulders with the other party you are not voting for.

Do you not realise that it is a baton race, look at what labour and blair done, imported immigrants started war.

How are labour interested in British poor people, if they want to allow more poor people from the former Soviet Union?

Please, can you tell me that?

Please can you tell me how if we have an extra million, two million people tomorrow come to our shores, how we can afford that?

If the continent of Africa, suddenly decide we want to come to the UK, where is the money coming from?

What would you say if I put up your mortgage, increased your taxes so that you could pay for these immigrants to come here, and I am a labour government now.

Would you say yes please, tax me, so I can help the poor and unfortunate from overseas? I am prepared to let my Children suffer as these poor people have had a hard life.

It is your Children, or there's, the more immigrants you let in, the more welfare you have to pay, the more the NHS needs to treat people, the more green belt you need to destroy to house people, the red flag of people getting older, when infact the microwave generation will die younger.

When are you going to wake up and smell the coffee? I believed in labour once, but that was when they looked after their own people first, the first time I voted, it was for the lib dems, they seemed fantastic saving the planet and environmental taxes to protect this planet.

However, what you sad left wing snowflakes do not understand, is that the more people you have in this World, the more resources they use, the more pollution the World becomes, and the less food becomes available, we are already eating artificial ingredients found in shampoo and other products. The smoke screen of us being Christians and trying to help others is bull. You help people, but destroy trees, wildlife that we need to protect this planet, and then everyone dies.

We kill off bees, and humanity is killed off in about five years, yet that is ok, as hell I at least adopted a poor African child, so what I had a Madonna crisis.

Get real, you left wing snow flakes are idiots, see the World through rose tinted specs, and listen to bob geldof and lilly allen.

The World is not perfect, but we need to save it for future generations, the same as our Country.

I love star trek, I love the idea that the World is at peace, but have you ever seen a muslim on a starship?

Food for thought.
Score: 1
topcataj Replying Mark1970 9:29pm Tue 18 Apr 17
Mark like to make his political decisions on made up hypothetical situations rather than reality.
Score: 3
BRFC1960 Replying Mark1970 9:03am Wed 19 Apr 17
I am opposed to Labour and a lapsed Tory because it is a nasty inward looking party. The state we're in is a consequence of leadership pandering to a vocal core who live in very different worlds to the rest of us. Populism generated by the bile of the right wing media and the division caused is exactly what the Tories want, let us argue amongst ourselves while they sell us down the river oblivious to what they are actually doing thanks to the diversion they have caused by drawing our attention to Europe. Then when all the voices of opposition have been drowned out and we see the true state of the nation, remember that you enabled it. This whole saga is such a cynical attempt to gain power and crush democracy that it could have been written by Orwell himself.
Score: 2
Ministry of Fake Replying Mark1970 1:45pm Wed 19 Apr 17
I think Arabians prefer Magic Carpets
Score: 0
twigimala Replying Ministry of Fake 9:33pm Wed 19 Apr 17
No the Arabians love our arms to bomb innocent people in Yemen.
Score: 0
topcataj Replying Mark1970 9:30pm Tue 18 Apr 17
So, confused now, is immigration the EU's fault? If so, how come you are using Spain, an EU member, as an example on immigration control?
Contradicting yourself?
Score: 4
Mark1970 Replying topcataj 10:04pm Tue 18 Apr 17
You really are STUPID and a left wing troll. If you check the EU and also their border controls, their welfare systems, their immigration policy you will find that theirs are higher than ours.

I dare say you really are that stupid.
Score: 1
topcataj Replying Mark1970 10:16pm Tue 18 Apr 17
So we don't need to leave the EU?
Score: 5
Mark1970 Replying topcataj 11:04pm Tue 18 Apr 17
Yes we do, we are the whipping Country of Europe. Spain breaks EU laws not a problem, France breaks EU law, not a problem. UK breaks the law, you got to pay a few million for doing so. You really are stupid.
Score: 1
topcataj Replying Mark1970 12:01am Wed 19 Apr 17
Do you ever listen to yourself? You sound like you've completely lost it.....
Score: 3
Mark1970 Replying topcataj 1:38am Wed 19 Apr 17
Is that honestly the best counter attack you can come up with? I dare say that your stupidity has reached it's limit. I can debate all day and all night produce facts and figures, unlike you left wing snowflakes, as soon as a debate goes over your head, you want to throw insults, which shows a lack of intelligence. Oh not forgetting to blame bankers, and I might make a spelling or grammatical error sometimes. MMM go fish.
Score: 1
topcataj Replying Mark1970 9:41am Wed 19 Apr 17
Unfortunately the facts you come out with are not and the figures you come out with are made up. I've raised these points many times before, not made a difference has it? You're an extremist, frothing at the mouth, spitting bile everywhere about people you think are stealing from you and you form of identification is their skin colour, accents and dress sense.
I'm not trying to convince you, just making sure people see what you're actually standing for lest they have any thought your point of view might be reasonable.
Score: 3
Magpie2012 Replying topcataj 12:56pm Thu 20 Apr 17
I guess when Mark1970's political views are somewhat to the right of Attila, then everyone who disagrees with him is going to be prefixed with "Left Wing" or "Stupid". Whereas any form of "fact" or "figure" quoted by him is going to be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
Score: 2
Galaxy10UK 7:13pm Tue 18 Apr 17
What a good move from Mrs May! Labour have a leader they don't trust. UKIP are not strong and can't keep their party leaders and Lib Dems will never win an election as they don't seem to be able to gain the nations trust. Conservatives will certainly come out on top.
Score: 3
Mark1970 Replying Galaxy10UK 9:08pm Tue 18 Apr 17
I did reply to this earlier but for some reason it never posted. If UKIP supporters rally around the blues, then it should be, especially in Northern seats, however, if people support UKIP still, then you are giving votes to the reds, we honestly have to vote strategically and to be honest, if I was Paul Nuttall, I would let Everton win this time, I would get all of my candidates to stand down and not go for election.
Score: 2
BRFC1960 Replying Mark1970 9:16am Wed 19 Apr 17
Like that is going to happen, Mark, many people in the North would never vote Tory because of their long term persecution at the hands of that party. UKIP is a one issue party and we're voting for a government to cover the running of the country as a whole. If you are naive enough to swallow the this is about Brexit mantra, that is your choice, however the rest of the country must remember when voting that Europe is just one element of many.
Score: 5
twigimala 8:54pm Tue 18 Apr 17
Don't suppose it's anything to do with impending court cases involving expenses fraud that are coming to a court near you? At least 20 files have been passed to the DPP for prosecution
Score: 5
Mark1970 Replying twigimala 9:02pm Tue 18 Apr 17
Oh look a left wing snowflake that reads the mirror lol
Score: 2
JackK85 Replying Mark1970 10:00pm Tue 18 Apr 17
I don't usually feed trolls, however, your tenacity in shouting down anyone as a "lefty snowflake" is quite funny. I assume from your post, you believe it is acceptable for candidates to spend unlimited sums in campaigning? Interesting viewpoint.
Score: 4
Mark1970 Replying JackK85 10:13pm Tue 18 Apr 17
God another left wing snow flake. Firstly the law is the law, so if anyone breaks that, then yes they should be punished. However, all parties have broken the law in one way shape or form. I read left wing trash newspapers, hence I know what you are talking about, is it in right wing newspapers at the moment, no it is not. As I have said before, I read both sides to make my own mind up, I do not read just one view, otherwise, I might as well be a left wing snowflake sheep such as yourself.

The majority of you lot, do not know immigration laws from the top EU Countries from EU citizens, they have far tougher immigration controls than we do, EU or not.

I will say that just because you spend £50 on leaflets, and post them through the door, it does not mean that I am going to buy kebabs from you.

People voted blues, rather than red because they was fed up. People voted for UKIP because they are sick of a two horse race, a baton race.

UKIP got politics to hopefully wake up. However, left wing snowflakes do not listen to a majority, only their small minded sheepish selves, and that of the mirror newspaper.
Score: 1
JackK85 Replying Mark1970 10:25pm Tue 18 Apr 17
Just spat coffee over my monitor! Hilarious stuff.
Score: 1
BRFC1960 Replying JackK85 9:22am Wed 19 Apr 17
I hope Mark doesn't buy kebabs at all. Turkish migrants come here, set up businesses and pay taxes to the treasury, and that is against everything Mark stands for. In fact I hope he applies his principles to all take aways and other businesses, otherwise he would be exposed as a hypocrite.
Score: 1
Ministry of Fake Replying Mark1970 1:56pm Wed 19 Apr 17
Nigel brought this up on LBC
Score: 0
twigimala Replying Mark1970 9:36pm Wed 19 Apr 17
Oh I was wrong it's 30 and aPCC!
Score: 0
BRFC1960 Replying twigimala 9:23am Wed 19 Apr 17
It's probably helped the decision making process.
Score: 0
Etranger 10:32pm Tue 18 Apr 17
Will we ever see a UFO over Taunton looking for intelligent life?
Score: 0
Mark1970 Replying Etranger 11:05pm Tue 18 Apr 17
Not while you are there, they have gone to Portugal instead.
Score: 1
Dick Turpin Works For Council 11:06pm Tue 18 Apr 17
The constant bleating by Mark1970 about "left wing snowflakes" and other such nonsense does rather remind one of Godwin's Law, tailored to suit the extreme right
Score: 3
Mark1970 Replying Dick Turpin Works For Council 11:28pm Tue 18 Apr 17
How about Mark's law? If you call someone racist, if you call them a neo nazi, if you post left wing analogies of what you call right-wing, then you are a left wing snowflake?

I could be wrong, I could be right, I could be black, I could be white, your time has come, you left wing snowflakes.
Score: 1
Dick Turpin Works For Council Replying Mark1970 11:42pm Tue 18 Apr 17
Do you have your own website, Mark, that we can visit to enjoy all of your views?
Score: 3
Mark1970 Replying Dick Turpin Works For Council 12:23am Wed 19 Apr 17
I will give you this snippet for free.

Today mark's the day that Britain, can become Great Britain again. Article 50 and the leaving of the EU is the start of our long journey into freedom. We can make our own laws, tax whom we want, and fly the flag not just for England, but also for Britain without being called a racist. It does not matter if you voted to stay or leave, we had a vote and apart from a minority of die hard left wingers, then we need to stick together, and still enjoy being Europeans, but not controlled by them. I loved France and Switzerland when I visited and I hope that one day the corrupt EU falls, and we can become friends once more. Flag is flying today and it is not an EU flag. Proud to be British, and even more proud to be English. I was born in England, I was raised in England, I live in England, I speak English and I am English. English ooops am I being racist or swearing? I hope not, let's hope that the PC brigade are not watching. God Bless Blighty and all whom sail in her.
Score: 1
Dick Turpin Works For Council Replying Mark1970 7:32am Wed 19 Apr 17
Have you thought about going out and getting a job, instead of angrily frothing and dribbling all over your keyboard at all hours of the day and night?
Score: 9
topcataj Replying Mark1970 9:43am Wed 19 Apr 17
And if all that comes to pass, who will you blame then because your life is crap?
Score: 1
BRFC1960 Replying Mark1970 9:29am Wed 19 Apr 17
I don't recall the Public Image Ltd. song going quite like that, Mark. I too am English and it is our tolerance of all that makes me proud to be English, Britain First and the English Defence League and UKIP do not make me feel that way.
Score: 2
Ministry of Fake 9:48am Wed 19 Apr 17
How did our sitting member manage to get a PPB dovetailed into this article? It reads like a Christmas round robin.
Score: 1
BRFC1960 Replying Ministry of Fake 11:13am Wed 19 Apr 17
I like the fact that it took them all afternoon to cobble that together. As I recall Jeremy Browne secured the A358 funding as part of coalition, long before Rebecca Pow was elected. The additional funding secured I would be interested to hear from the Highways agency and network rail about how much work she has done to assist in this and how much was investment already earmarked by them as part of ongoing work. As for the ancient trees, micro beads, etc. all commendable environmental work undermined by her support for fracking and HPC. Other than that, I struggle to see what has actually been done to improve Taunton. The town centre is disgusting, there has been an explosion in homelessness, low income families are struggling more than ever, and she has not campaigned to prevent the closure of Norton Manor. All this talk of big road projects falls flat on it's face when we have all seen the fiasco of the NIDR, which is nothing in comparison to the scale of the projects being touted. If they can't get that delivered on time and on budget, what hope is there?
Score: 0
BRFC1960 1:24pm Thu 20 Apr 17
I see Mark hasn't replied to any of the additional comments made but has been providing astronomy advice on another story. Worth remembering next time he calls you snowflake.
Score: 2

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