TWO children sparked concern in Brean after they were seen wading in the mud more than a mile from the shore. 

Burnham Coastguard were called to Brean beach after the children's parents became agitated with the beach warden when they were unable to hail their youngsters back to the shore. 

A spokesman for Burnham Coastguard, said: "We were tasked to give the Beach Warden some support and explain the dangers of the beach, sometimes coming from a different perspective can diffuse the situation and bring about a quick and friendly end to the incident.

"When we arrived on station we spoke to Milford Haven Ops Room and they informed us the family had left the beach and we could stand down.

"Please remember if you visit the beach, the Wardens and Lifeguards are there for your safety and will help if you need it.

"If you are approached by them please listen for any instruction as it will be for safety or guidance.

"If you need help at the beach, don't delay Dial 999 and ask for the Coastguards, find a Beach Warden or a Lifeguard.

"Stay safe at the beach."